Endorsements for Nancy Jackson


“Nancy Jackson has been a thoughtful, approachable, intelligent and caring public servant who has served Arapahoe County well.  She is present in the community, engaged, and will do as much research as possible to help solve problems.  She listens and seeks to meaningfully assist all who come to her.  We are lucky to have Nancy as a Commissioner in Arapahoe County.”
Morgan Carroll Chair of the State Democratic Party


"I support Nancy Jackson for Arapahoe County Commissioner because she listens to people and their concerns and then turns listening into action. Nancy will continue to serve the people of Arapahoe County with integrity." --Ed Perlmutter


Having served on a Citizen committee with direct interaction with Nancy Jackson I can attest to the vast experience that she brings to the table.  Always thoughtful and working to bring both sides of the aisle together and mindful of what the citizens of Arapahoe County desire she is most certainly the person most qualified to sit as an Arapahoe County Commissioner!  
Cindy Knox


I would be honored to endorse you!!
Kevin Hougen


“Nancy Jackson has been a principled and dedicated community servant for years.  As a state representative, I have often sought her advice in providing help for constituents on housing, healthcare, or other matters.  Residents in district 4 would be well-served to choose Nancy to work for them for another four years."
Mike Weissman State Representatives.